Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Circular economy

Zirq’s businesses are fully aligned with UN’s sustainability development goals. We believe that real sustainable development and a circular society are the future solutions to the world's resource problem. For us, the circular economy is about letting the market ensure less waste by developing technology and know-how that accommodates more reuse and increased use of recycled raw materials in the production of new goods. Therefore, we develop solutions and business models resulting in increased reuse, recycling and supply of low-carbon materials.

Partnership for the Goals

In particular we value SDG #17 – Partnership for the Goals. We believe that through innovation and partnerships, we can find environmentally friendly solutions ourselves - as well as in collaboration with our partners and customers. If you regard yourself an ambitious front runner, please get in touch.

We are welcoming the current development of tightening regulations and stimulations pushing society in the needed sustainable direction. At Zirq we do not depend on a favourable regulatory development - still we regard the development as positive - both for our company, and not least for the environment.

CO2 footprint

Our footprint reflects the ecological footprint our operations provide - in the form of consumption of natural resources, emissions of greenhouse gases, and other impacts on the environment, neighbours and biological diversity. Our recycling activity saves the environment thousands of tonnes of CO2 annually. At the same time, we also emit CO2 from our operations which is why we are constantly looking for better ways to reduce our own emissions.

By replacing virgin raw materials with recycled materials, you help save resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Below you can see the CO2 equivalents related to the replacement of virgin raw materials with our own recycled aluminium, copper and plastic materials. 


"We develop solutions and business models resulting in increased reuse, recycling and supply of low-carbon materials."

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