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We work to help the pharma industry become more sustainable. In that way we may - together - create a healthy planet and a healthy population through collaboration. So, while the healthcare industry makes sure people have a higher quality of life, we take care of the resources, otherwise doomed to be landfilled or incinerated. Thereby we are able to decrease the environmental impact on our planet for it to last generations to come.

Circular solutions for medical waste

We offer circular solutions for medical waste with full traceability within the following:

  • Infectious medical waste, such as medical devices, equipment, certain sharps, etc.
  • Infectious metal devices, such as knives, scissors, medicine & vaccine bottles, etc.
  • Medical devices with electrical components
  • Production scrap – devices and parts

These services are delivered with full traceability and documentation of impact through. Our circular solutions may reduce your footprint – by creating value out of something that was earlier waste.

Environmental safeguarding

We call it environmental safeguarding – taking care of medical waste by creating new products for other industries. Maybe even for the medical industry – some day in the not too distant future.

Through our innovative solutions, we can separate medical waste and make sure the contaminated parts are sterilized and utilized in new products, after our advanced recycling process.  Our company-goal is to close the loop and we are always looking to lift waste in the waste hierarchy.

Currently, our recycling facilities are located centrally in Denmark. From this hub, we may offer circular solutions to customers in most European countries. Please contact us for exploring circularity options for your medical waste.

Hand with medical waste


"Environmental safeguarding; taking care of medical waste by creating new products for other industries."

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