We solve the plastics conundrum most believe to be unsolvable. We create solutions for hard to recycle plastics – and mixed plastic of different qualities.

Help reduce climate footprint

Our know-how and technology enables us to turn what is defined as difficult-to-recycle and mixed plastics into products that typically use virgin raw materials. Thereby we help our customers reduce their climate footprint by closing the loop with circular solutions. Once the plastics is recycled and become new products, they can remain in the loop repeatedly in the future. Our products include road safety products, outdoor furniture products and gaskets & covers.

Our technology ensures circular and sustainable solutions for plastics that typically are incinerated or landfilled. Our Danish facility currently utilizes ca. 1,500 tons recycled plastics anually.

Currently our circular solutions for plastics are offered to customers in the cables and medical waste industries. Our downstream customers, who utilize our recycled low carbon raw materials, come from the construction sector, interior design, furniture and steel industry. Read more on how we can support your company transition from linear to circular by clicking on your industry; Medical or Cables.


"Once they have become new products, they can remain in the loop repeatedly in the future."

Man togheter with bags filled with plastic
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