Providing circularity to global industry players.

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Zirq Solutions is pioneering circularity through circular solutions for hard-to-recycle waste streams. We turn waste from global industry players into high-quality resources and products.

Thomas Mørch

CEO Zirq Solutions

Circular value chains

Our expertise is to create circular value chains, together with partners, customers and stakeholders. We provide our customers with a competitive advantage in terms of sustainability and environmental impact, helping them meet their own sustainability goals. We do that by creating highly valuable and sustainable products with a reduced negative impact on the environment and climate. Always.

Ensuring value to waste

Zirq Solutions ensures the value of used materials. Because our planet needs action, not just good intentions.Our unique production technology enables us to contribute to a sustainable business, as well as a future where we can reduce our economy’s reliance on virgin materials throughout the value chain. We recycle materials often discarded by others, such as cables and even hazardous medical waste, and transform it into new products of the highest quality and design. We offer circular solutions for waste with full traceability and documentation of impact.


Our strategy is sustainability. Through our way of work we constantly innovate and challenge the status quo, to increase circularity, through providing opportunities for linear sectors and businesses to become circular frontrunners. Our goal is to reach an 80% recycling rate by 2027.