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By developing breakthrough technology, we are taking on a challenge which is to revolutionize the health sector and pharma industry. We aim to accelerate the worlds transition to a circular economy, and by supporting the health sector in transitioning from a linear to a circular economy we are combating the substantial negative impact the sector emits. At the same time, we wish to future proof the sector, by providing an alternative and sustainable way of managing the waste. We also strive to become a preferred supplier for actors who wish to use recycled raw materials, and together combat land degradation arising from extraction and production of virgin raw materials.

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Our breakthrough innovation enables us to transform the medical industry into a vital player in the circular economy.

Michael Bayer Thomsen

SVP Zirq Medical

Recycling of complex medical waste

Our target is to recycle up to 85% of medical waste. This is waste that until now has been incinerated, and consequently had a recycling rate of 0%. After two years in operations we have achieved a recycling rate of >60%, and we are still implementing new technologies and solutions to reach our target.

The shadow side of the health care sector


Health care accounts for 4,4% global CO2 emissions.


million tonnes of medical waste was is incinerated in Europe in 2018


largest emitter, if the global health sector were a country


With our break through innovation, we can separate the components of medical waste and make sure the contaminated parts become decontaminated. This means that the medical waste can be utilized in new products, after our advanced recycling process. Our company-goal is to close the loop, reduce the need for extraction of virgin materials and we are always looking to lift waste in the waste hierarchy.

Our services

We offer circular solutions for medical waste with full traceability within the following:

  • Infectious medical waste, such as medical devices, equipment, certain sharps tools, etc.
  • Infectious metal devices, such as knives, scissors, medicine & vaccine bottles, etc.
  • Medical devices with electrical components
  • Production scrap – devices and components

These services are delivered with full traceability and documentation of impact. Our circular solutions may reduce your footprint – by creating value from products and materials previously regarded as waste. Currently, our recycling facilities are centrally located in Denmark. From this hub, we offer circular solutions to customers in most European countries.

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Environmental safeguarding; taking care of medical waste by creating new products for other industries.

Thomas Mørch

CEO Zirq Solutions

Circular Economy and Sustainability

Our strategy is sustainability. Through our way of work we constantly innovate and challenge the status quo, to increase circularity, through providing opportunities for linear sectors and businesses to become circular frontrunners.

From post consumer waste to high end product

We offer take back solutions for medical waste from hospitals, clinics and pharmacies across Europe.

Want to know more?

Michael Bayer Thomsen

SVP Medical

Michael joined Zirq as SVP in 2022. +20 years’ experience with circular solutions within plastics and metals, including 8 years as co-owner and CEO of Letbek Group, a company that Zirq acquired in 2022. Michael is passionate about leading the way for a more circular world, with a high degree of focus on value chain optimizations and sustainability. M&A has been a big part of the past many years.