Our sustainability journey

Zirq aims to reduce the extraction of virgin materials, by developing breakthrough technology, in order to take on the challenge to revolutionize how hard-to-recycle waste streams are handled.

We constantly challenge our ways of operations, in order to use state-of-the-art technologies, enabling a true circular economy, where we provide sustainable and low-carbon raw materials.

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34% of global CO2 emissions come from material usage. Our goal is to ensure that virgin materials can be replaced with high quality and low-carbon recycled raw materials.

Kristine Laake-Bjurquist

CSO Zirq Solutions

ESG is our strategy

Sustainability is at the core of our strategy. We implement sustainability measures in all aspects of our operations, and we categorize our sustainability efforts within Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).


Our strategy is sustainability. Through our way of work we constantly innovate and challenge the status quo, to increase circularity, through providing opportunities for linear sectors and businesses to become circular frontrunners.

Our goal is to recycle 80% of all waste we receive, and to reduce our own carbon footprint whilst we increase our positive impact.


People first, in all we do. We believe that diversity and inclusion is fundamental in securing satisfaction and wellbeing for our employees. We aim to ensure that Zirq is a safe workplace for all our employees, both regarding physical and mental health, as well as for all workers within our value chain.


At Zirq governance and control is a key aspect of how we work. We have strict focus on our internal processes and governing structures. Compliance and traceability is crucial for our operations, and we have a comprehensive framework for compliance, which regulates all parts of our organization.

Zirq ESG results 2022


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Our commitments

Zirq is committed to continuously improve its way of work in connection to ESG. Part of how we work with ESG is through external programs and projects. We have a long range of ambitious goals towards 2030. Read more about our commitments here: