We are the Nordic market leader within recycling of complex cables and transformers, through the brand Zirq Cables. Our production sites in Norway and Denmark can boast with state-of-the-art technology, and with our lean production processes, we are both future-fit and one of Europe’s most modern facilities.

We take pride in our continuous focus on increasing our recycling rate, through our inhouse R&D team, developing solutions to ensure as much as possible of the waste we receive, will stay in the loop.

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We are one of the largest Nordic producers and suppliers of recycled low-carbon copper.

Rune Stortiset

SVP Cables

What we do

We are the leading Nordic cable recycler supplying European industry with low-carbon metals to green projects. Our customers are global cable manufacturers, as Zirq offers second to none circular solutions.

Facilitating for the decarbonisation of society

Cables are a key ingredient for succeeding with the electrification of society. Cables depend on having a copper core, to lead electricity. However, near term copper shortage is regarded as the largest threat to electrification, as we lack enough copper to meet demand.

Zirq is committed to recycling and keeping low carbon materials flowing, to create a true circular economy. Not only by recycling the copper, but also by pioneering the recycling of cable plastics

Sustainability in all we do

We offer local circular solutions with full traceability, for both our waste producing customers, as well as to our downstream customers, who purchase our low carbon recycled raw materials.

We work systematic with sustainability, compliance and selection criteria for suppliers in our value-chain. Furthermore, our recycling facilities are located in Norway and Denmark, to offer local recycling services to our customers. WIth local downstream customers, mainly located in Scandinavia and Northern-Europe, we ensure that our circular solutions are both traceable and with a low CO2 footprint.

From waste to high quality raw materials

We create low-carbon, high quality raw materials ready to be used in the manufacturing of new products.

Zirq cables key numbers

Zirq Cables is the largest urban copper mine in Skandinavia.


Recycling of copper requires only 15% of the energy use, compared to production of virgin copper


around 50% of EU demand for copper is met through recycling

25 000

Each year we recycle 25 000 tons of cable waste


By 2030 we face a global copper shortage of 6 million tons

Providing Northern-Europe with local solutions

We are a full range cable recycler - from household cables to high voltage cables, ground cables, oil filled sea cables, and cable production scrap for the Nordic and European marked.

Want to know more?

Christian Selander

VP Market & Sales Cables

Christian joined Zirq in 2023. He is focused on customer relationship and through this work towards sustainable solutions that reduce the customer’s environmental footprint. Christian has many years of experience in market and sales management with a background from automotive, retail, and chemical industry. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for enquiries related to recycling of cables, transformers, and cable projects – or purchase of low-carbon copper and aluminum.