About us

Zirq Solutions exist to challenge the status quo and take sustainability to the next level. We prioritize practical and achievable improvements over lofty, unrealistic ideas that hinder real progress. We are here to accelerate the transition to an efficient circular economy.

34% of global CO2 emissions come from extraction and production of materials and products. A circular economy is needed in order for a global reduction of our CO2 emissions. Recycled raw materials are key to achieve such a reduction.

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Let’s put an end to overconsumption of virgin, non-renewable resources, creating global warming. It's not only good business - it’s essential for the climate, the environment, and the future of our civilization

Thomas Mørch

CEO Zirq Solutions

What we do

It is time to cultivate a greener world for the sake of the climate, nature, and the coming generations. We develop imaginative solutions for hard-to-recycle materials by combining recycled post-consumer and virgin materials with complementary material integration to create new designs, products, and solutions. Currently, we are focused on urban mining through cables, circular solutions for the health industry and by re-imagineering plastics through industrial scale circular solutions in production of products to a wide range of industries.


Zirq Solutions challenges the status quo by addressing the negative impact of relying on non-renewable resources. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to an efficient circular economy.

Our way of working

Zirq Solutions ensures the value of used materials. Because our planet needs action, not just good intentions.Our unique production technology enables us to contribute to a sustainable business, as well as a future where we can reduce our economy’s reliance on virgin materials throughout the value chain. We recycle materials often discarded by others, such as cables and even hazardous medical waste, and transform it into new products of the highest quality and design. We offer circular solutions for waste with full traceability and documentation of impact.

Our recycling process collects and separates waste components to create value from discarded materials. We aim to reduce extraction of virgin materials, as we prioritize recycling of complex products through sustainable and low-emission processes. We provide our customers with a competitive advantage in terms of sustainability and environmental impact, helping them meet their own sustainability goals. We do that by creating highly valuable and sustainable products with a reduced negative impact on the environment and climate. Always.

Zirq Soutions in a nutshell



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Revenue 2023


Locations in Europe

Management Group

Zirq's management group is a diverse team, consisting of team players with deep knowledge and experience within their fields of operations.


Zirq Solutions is headquartered in Norway, with 200 employees across Norway, Denmark and Poland. Our main production sites are located at Linnested in Norway, Stenlille and Tistrup in Denmark and Poznan in Poland. Our production sites have state-of-the-art technology and follow lean production processes, related to either cable recycling, medical waste recycling, or manufacturing of products made of recycled plastics.

Zirq locations

Zirq Solutions is headquartered in Norway with 200 employees across Norway, Denmark and Polen. Ourproduction sites are located in Linnestad, Norway and Stenlille and Tistrup, Denmark and Poznan Poland.

We have developed our production sites with state-of-the-art technology and lean production processes making Zirq an accelerator in the transition to a circular economy.

Part of NG Group

Zirq is a proud part of the NG Group. The Group controls and manages a critical part of the Northern European waste management infrastructure through a large and modern asset base, serving over 40.000 customers across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Finland and the UK, with a dedicated team of 2.200 employees.

With a nearly 100-year history, NG Group plays a pivotal role in driving the shift towards a circular economy, by turning discarded materials into new resources and products. Read more about the NG Group here.