At Letbek, part of Zirq Solutions, we believe that sustainable business makes the world a better place. And we believe that considering plastic a circular resource allows us to address challenges without causing new problems. In fact, we know it is possible because we have founded a viable company on this very belief. A company which, in cooperation with its customers, uses plastic as a circular resource to address both theirs, and the world’s, challenges one solution at a time.

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We recycle and upcycle plastic from industries and oceans and use it to solve the challenges presented to us by our customers.

Lars Krog

CEO Letbek

Re-imagineering plastics

Decades of curiosity, ingenuity, craftmanship and skill have granted us an unparalleled expertise in disassembling plastic into fractions and recombining them into new materials. We use those materials to invent new products and solutions which our customers, and the world, need.

Solving the plastic conondrum one product at a time

Sustainable solutions for post consumer waste

We strive to always ship products that we will welcome back. Because once they have outlived their purpose, we need them back again. And again. And again … This is why we create products which can either be recycled directly or easily disassembled, sorted, and recycled. And although we welcome them back, we primarily design them to last as long as possible. This is the very essence of sustainability – and of common sense.

Letbek effects


recycled raw materials used in production


tons recycled plastic materials used


up to 70% of CO2-emissions can be avoided by using recycled raw materials, as opposed to virgin materials


of Letbeks products have a specified calculated carbon footprint

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Lars Krog

SVP Letbek

Lars joined Zirq in 2022. With +8 years of experience within Plastic, Forest, banking and Investments. Lars believes that circularity will be the license to operate in the near future and is grateful for being part of a firm with a strong purpose-driven strategy. Lars is privileged to share his passion for the environment, people and innovation together with the rest of the Zirq-family. Prior to joining Zirq Lars held different position within business development, CFO, management.