Zirq was founded on the idea that complex waste should be recycled locally. To ensure that we safeguard not only the environment, but also human rights and health and safety of the operators. Our belief in local solutions is also deeply connected to our vision of providing services with a low carbon footprint. With suppliers and customers mainly located in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, we reduce transport emissions and achieve traceability of the raw materials we provide to the market. Governance, control, people first and prioritising not only smart, but common sense local solutions has been core for Zirq, from the beginning.


Zirq takes pride in being an innovative company in constant development. We challenge established truths and believe in the power of combining vision with hands on experience and knowledge. Our R&D team are building one of a kind recycling sites, to handle waste types which until now have been incinerated or landfilled. We envision a world where even complex and hazardous waste can be recycled into new life, again and again.