It's time for a circular economy to end the cycle of destruction

The world cannot continue to produce, use and dispose of materials at the current pace. It fuels conflict, creates climate change, and biological disasters. It's time to break this cycle of linear production and consumption and move towards a true circular economy. Let's cultivate a greener and healthier world, that benefits the environment, generates new economic opportunities and promotes long-term business success.

Zirq's solution

At Zirq Solutions, we are committed to this goal. As part of the NG Group, Scandinavia's leading supplier of recycling and environmental services, our innovative recycling processes allow us to collect and separate waste components, creating value from materials that others consider waste. Our aim is to reduce companies’ extraction of virgin materials and prioritize the recycling of complex products through our state-of-the-art technology and lean production processes.

Sustainable alternatives

We develop imaginative solutions for hard-to-recycle materials by combining recycled post-consumer and virgin materials with complementary material integration to create new designs, products, and solutions. Our processes focus on lowering carbon emissions and creating sustainable alternatives for discarded materials. Our goal is to constantly improve the total amount of material that is recycled in our processes – and the value we create for our customers.

We are taking on a challenger position to the status quo

Zirq Solutions exist to challenge the status quo and take sustainability to the next level. We prioritize practical and achievable improvements over lofty, unrealistic ideas that hinder real progress. We are here to accelerate the transition to an efficient circular economy. Let's plant the seeds of a sustainable future by embracing a circular economy where every resource is valued, and nothing goes to waste.